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Experienced attorneys of our College, specializing in various areas of law, in collaboration with experts and outside The lawyers are experienced attorneys specializing in various areas of law and, in collaboration with expert consultants, provide legal services covering a wide range of aspects of law enforcement practice.
We represent and defend clients’ interests in arbitration tribunals, courts of general jurisdiction and other judicial authorities, law enforcement agencies and state authorities.

Вашъ Юридический ПоверенныйCorporate law determines the procedure for the creation and functioning of legal entities, and also regulates relations between the entities.
Corporate law is based on various branches of law such as Civil, Labor, Tax, Customs, Criminal, Financial, and Administrative law, i.e. it has a complex nature.
Civil law provides basic principles and norms of regulation. Tax law determines the order of payment of main payments. Labor law provides norms affecting the order of relations between the company, as an employer, and hired personnel. Also corporate law interacts with administrative, financial and criminal law. Therefore, at all stages of legal entity’ operations, beginning with its creation, knowledge of the relevant branches of law is necessary for both effective management within and for the resolution of relationships with another entities, participants and shareholders.

Corporate attorneys provide clients with qualified legal assistance in all aspects of corporate law on regular basis and also when it is necessary to resolve corporate disputes.

Corporate Attorney

Гражданское правоThe scope of civil law includes cases involving property and personal non-property relations of individuals and legal entities. This category includes any disputes arising during a person's labor, family, and social life, as well as disputes involving legal entities.

Civil proceedings are based on the principles of equality of arms and adversarial proceedings - each participant in the process itself represents its interests in court.

Civil Attorney will help competently build and implement a strategy to protect the interests of the client at all stages of the civil process, from the pre-trial settlement to participation in court proceedings and control of the execution of the decision rendered by the court or its appeal.

Our Attorneys represent and defend the interests of the client in the field of housing, land, copyright; on cases of inheritance rights/litigation concerning succession to property, damages, property rights protection, as well as participate in the consideration of other disputes arising from relationship under civil law/civil law matters.

Сivil Attorney

Уголовные делаIn Russia, criminal law and criminal procedure is considered one of the most complex areas of jurisprudence. Only a qualified and experienced specialist - a professional criminal attorney can build an appropriate strategy and competently implement a defense.

Moscow College of Lawyers "Your Trusted Attorney" provides quality services by the best lawyers in criminal cases in Moscow. Each has many successful criminal trials to their credit.

Successful outcomes of criminal defense in court include dismissal of cases, dismissal of charges against the defendant, or a change in the scope and qualification of the charges.

Criminal defense Attorney

Арбитражные делаArbitration cases deal with economic disputes and disputes related to the implementation of entrepreneurial activities.
The competence of the arbitration court includes the consideration of cases on corporate disputes, on contesting transactions, compensation for damages, change of ownership, bankruptcy, defamation, intellectual rights, and other cases.

Услуги адвоката по арбитражным делам

Административные нарушенияTypes and list of misdemeanors are defined by the administrative offences legislation, which has a complex structure and considerable volume.

At the same time, the party establish the fact of an administrative offense is national and municipal authorities, duly represented by officer of state.

Under these circumstances, a person has been subjected to administrative liability and not having sufficient knowledge in this area, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to defend his legitimate rights and interests.

Attorneys of the college, having the special knowledge and experience in consideration of administrative disputes, will help to protect the rights and interests of the client as at the stage of drawing up a protocol on administrative offence and on already taken place decisions and judgments.

Аttorney for administrative cases

адвокат по хозяйственным спорамCommercial disputes arise between participants in business activities under a wide variety of contracts, which are associated, as a rule, with property rights


These include:

  • disputes over contractual relations between business entities related to the conclusion, modification and termination of preliminary agreements, contracts, collection of debts, damages, payment of penalties, forfeits, debt obligations;
  • disputes related to payment of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget and non-budgetary funds
  • disputes related to acquisition or alienation of property
  • disputes related to property/land disputes
  • corporate and other types of disputes.

Our Attorneys specializing in business cases will help to assess the quality and completeness of the evidence, build the right strategy to sort out the details of the dispute and protect client’ interests.

Услуги адвоката по хозяйственным спорам

Адвокат по налоговым вопросамRelations between a tax authority and a taxpayer are regulated primarily by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Tax legislation is constantly developing, the relevant norms are changing. Court decisions on tax disputes often determine the practice of application of tax legislation.

In this regard, it is often not easy for a taxpayer to sort out and defend his legal rights and interests.

Services of our college' attorneys, who specialize in tax disputes and crimes, presuppose cooperation with related specialists-experts auditors, accountants, arbitration attorneys.
Experience of our attorneys and legal services framework on this type of issues allows us to take an integrated approach and provide the necessary assistance to protect the rights and interests of our client, a taxpayer.

Tax litigation Attorney

Жилищные отношения и спорыHousing matters are regulated by a number of the Russian laws, including the Housing Code, the Tax Code, the Civil Code, governmental decrees, and other bylaws. Housing law infringements arise both unintentionally, due to ignorance of the norms of the law, and deliberately, when the violator has a desire to illegally seize the rights to another's property.

High prices for real estate, a large number of normative documents and an extensive judicial practice well as cases of fraud in the housing market suggest the necessity of addressing for legal support.

Timely contacting an experienced housing matters attorney will minimize risks and prevent possible negative consequences.

Housing matters Attorney

семейные отношения

Today it is quite rare to find a divorce where the spouses themselves agree on all issues related to their decision to separate, such as the dissolution of the marriage, child rearing, child support (alimony) and division of property.
In most cases, it is almost impossible to resolve each of these issues without the help of a family law attorney.

When such help is needed, our attorneys see their main task as pre-trial settlement of disputed issues and reaching an agreement between the parties.

Family Attorney

Вашъ Юридический ПоверенныйIn the new reality, in conditions of economic instability, after the departure from the Russian market of previously known foreign employers and the emergence of new companies created as a result of the so-called re-branding, HR Management and Employee Relations have become an even more significant and important.

Today business leaders especially need the support of experienced experts-practitioners, not only having the world-known HR expertise in the field of efficient search and recruitment of human resources right-in-time, ensuring the competitiveness of total remuneration system, creating employees' loyalty, engagement, and their full dedication to achieve the strategic goals of the company.

High level of HR expertise combined with reliable practical experience in applying the norms of the law for successful implementation of the projects related to change management, headcount optimization, new organizational structures, introduction of new elements in wages, the development and implementation of new local regulations, as well as for support to settle conflict situations in order to avoid labor disputes and litigation also became more in-demand. One of the areas of the college activities is a full range of services related to HR Management and Employment Matters and Disputes

HR projects and services
Labour Attorney

Правовые услуги в области медициныWith the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 and changes in the legal regulation of medical care, we receive a large number of requests for legal assistance from both medical organizations of all forms of ownership and from individuals.

In this regard, the College of Advocates "Your Legal Attorney" has decided to open a new direction in providing legal services in the field of medicine
In addition to the attorneys, leading specialists in the field of medicine and consumer protection with unique experience in legal representation and work in the federal executive authorities in the field of health care and consumer protection have been involved to work in this direction.

We should separately highlight our legal support experience related to such medical care profiles as obstetrics and gynecology (including the use of assisted reproductive technologies), plastic surgery, and medical clearance.

For medical organizations we offer legal assistance, including in the framework of subscriber services, with services covering all spheres of medical organization activity.

Attorney services for medical issues

Наследственное правоThe issues to be considered in cases of this category may include: the order of inheritance, the property that is inherited (inheritance mass), whether the property is inherited by law or via will and many others.
Our attorneys are ready to help in solving any, even the most complex issues that often arise during the definition of the circle of heirs, entry into the rights of inheritance or division of the inheritance.
Only inheritance attorney will help to defend the interests of the client in court, and the issues associated with the grounds and procedure of entry into the right of inheritance will be resolved with respect for the legitimate rights of the client.

Inheritance Attorney


In the case of an accident with an insignificant amount of damage package of documents to the traffic police or notification to the insurance company on European Accident Statement - participation of an attorney, as a rule, is not required. In this case, accident manager can also help in drawing up the documents on the accident. In cases where more than two vehicles were involved in the accident, there is reason to believe that the party in the accident was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if the vehicles caused significant material damage, and if the parties do not have КАСКО* / ОСАГО** policy - You can't do without the prompt legal assistance of an attorney. If as a result of an accident the driver of the vehicle, a passenger, a pedestrian or other traffic participant has been harmed to life and health of the person, the assistance of a lawyer becomes extremely important for the parties involved in a traffic collision.

Attorney in trafic accident cases

Вашъ Юридический ПоверенныйThe law refers to illegal entrepreneurship, smuggling, tax and duty evasion, illegal banking activity, legalization (laundering) of money or other property acquired by other persons by criminal means, premeditated bankruptcy, illegal production and turnover of alcoholic and alcohol-containing products, falsification of financial documents of financial organization and other crimes in the sphere of economic activity.

Business Attorney for Economic Affairs